Look at our greyhounds: they represent different types of show-dogs and everyone is good in it's own way. To argue about goods of one dog and faults of another is a waste of time. Since every type has its features, they all have the right to exist. This is a kind of advantage that only breeders of greyhounds have there are several types of dogs in this breed, every one of them fit both the SPIRIT of greyhound and the LETTER of standard.

We are positive that breeding of show-greyhounds must be carried out SEPARATELY from racing and hunting dogs. And no dreams about an ideal greyhound, winner of all exhibitions and races will make us stray from the right path. The sad experience of the last 10 years (both in Russia and Eastern Europe) shows that such dreamers always fail. We dont want to repeat the same mistakes and talk about it in our articles section.

Gaysyde Christmas Spirit
Noblegrey Mac Gregor
Hyperion Mignight Garden

Hyperion's High Society
Cyrano's Red Ryder

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