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Greyhound sites in Russian:

Artefakt Greyhounds
Greyhound kennel Krisolina
Greyhounds at Oural
Victory Sprint Greyhounds

Kennel Airy Elfs (Latvia)

Sighthound sites in Russia:

Dioskury Salukis
Russian Borzoi website
Manitias borzois in Russia
Borzoi Romanovs website

Borzois from St.Peterburg

Borzoi kennel Vega Shelk

Italian Greyhound kennel Bel Etual
International Club "Russian Borzoi"
Borzoi World at borza.ru

Russian sites about dogs of all breeds:

Tarantina English Setters
Dioskury Irish setters

Virtual Breeders Club
Dogs Catalog in Russia
Official RKF website
E-dog portal


Dog Show


Greyhound bags


Sites in English:

Finnish Greyhound Club
Swedish Greyhound Club

Show Greyhounds (Blancmandge)

Greyhound pedigrees-online

Kennel Rantalaukan (Finland)

Kennel Kimsar (Finland)

Kennel Whiptails (Finland)

Kennel Kenzongos (Finland)

Kennel Letsgo (Norway)

Kennel Anotherstory (Sweden)
Kennel Showline (Norway)
Kennel Telegram (Norway)
Kennel Gaia (USA)
Epic Kennel (Sweden)
Bokomaro Kennel (Poland)

Attimo Fugente Kennel (Italy)
Kiltown Abbey Kennel (Italy)

Greyhound Database (Germany)
Bakaras Kennel (France)
Bohmar Kennel (Czech)

Kennel Estetclassic (Estonia)
Kennel JD (UK)
Slovakian borzois

Greyhound links (USA)
Grey stuff

Silken Windhund

Sighthounds in Romania
French Greyhound Club

Greyhounds Bleu Manoir (France) 

Greyhounds in Poland
Gruagach Irish Wolfhounds & Greyhounds

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